Mark Tyree


Pledge to Clients: Mark Tyree joined Coldwell Banker Legacy Real Estate Group as a full time Realtor in 2006. Prior to becoming a Realtor, Mark had his own business as a residential landscaper and home handyman for 29 years. His responsibilities were all aspects of being self-employees, marketing, owner, employee and maintenance.

Mark's strengths are being a good listener to other people's needs and problem solving. He has been able to grow his Real Estate business every year, by following a simple philosophy. "Real Estate is not about me, but what you need or want of yourself. It's not about being a salesman to sell you what you don't need but helping to make your dreams come true." A home is the largest purchase we make and he wants to help you make the right decision.

Professional Experience: The experience that Mark encountered in his career as a handyman help him to see things in homes that may become costly to a buyer or seller and explains them to make one aware of possible problems and can make their own decisions.

Education: Mark is a member of the National Realtors Association and the South Central Kentucky Association of Realtors. He has continued his real estate education with short sale, foreclosure and relocation classes.

Outside Interests: Mark holds a bachelor's degree from Old Dominion University and lives in Bowling Green with his wife. He has two children and 3 grandchildren. When not working he enjoys his old career of lawn and garden work for himself.

Position: Realtor at Bowling Green
Cell: 270-779-1824